How to Substitute Eco Alternatives for Paper Towels


1. When several layers of paper towels are needed to absorb water or grease, spread out a few layers of newspaper and top them with a single layer of paper towels.  the newspapers are absorbent and much less expensive than paper towels. 
  1. 2. Use the EcoTowl, made in Germany (OK, faraway is not so eco, but hey) and distributed by Pacific Dry Goods at This may be available at your local Whole Foods store, as well. Billed as remarkable and reusable, this 100 percent viscose natural fabric towel can be used over and over again. Just wash it in the washing machine or hand wash it. A dishwasher or microwave also does the job. Viscose absorbs 10 times its weight in liquid, so it can wipe away any spill. These work on the table, counter and floor.
  2. 3. Try utilizing sheets of newspaper when cleaning windows. A bucketful of water with a splash of white household vinegar and a bunch of newspapers is all you need for a clean shine, inside and out.
  3. 4. Make do with a regular sponge or washcloth-type terry cloths available in the kitchen section of your home store. If you hesitate at wiping the floor with it, have two separate sponges or washcloths marked for use on the counter and floor.
  4. 5. Sweep up the floor with a simple brush and dustpan. These are definitely reusable. Invest in a quality set.
  5. 6. Swipe a clean rag or even a fresh, new cloth diaper (very thick and absorbent!) over bigger messes rather than using half of a paper towel roll or a big wad of paper towels. Rinse rags if they get really mucky, and hang to dry. Then, when they accumulate, simply wash them all together in the washing machine and dry the load to be ready for the next time you need a valuable rag.
  6. Obtained from a, Cook's Illustrated, and Cook's Country.

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