Living Free Cookbook

Why This Book, Why Now… Why Me?

What you see here is just a "taster, teaser, tickler" of what is yet to come. The completed book is 80 pages with chapters on "Kitchen Essential", "Herbs, Spices and Seasonings", "Oils", "Culinary Terms" "Measurements and Substitutions". Complete Chapters separated by protein as well as sauces.

Chef Joseph Yacino

Start here and see how easy it is to eat healthy and allergy free.

This book is for so many of our clients who have asked us to share our recipes with them, and also for the many others who suffer from life threatening allergies, have strict dietary restrictions, or simply have general concerns of the negative impact dairy and gluten have on health. You do not have to be on any special diet to enjoy these recipes. All of the recipes have been tested time and again by people not on any restrictive diets as well as those who are. We made sure the tastes and textures were not compromised. Our recipes are quick and easy to follow. They are for the beginner as well as the experienced cook.

I began working with nutritionists, Doctors of Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic Practitioners, many of whom had their patients on Gluten/Dairy/Soy Free and even Vegetarian diets. Our newer clients have even more food sensitivities along with being on a strict rotation of certain food groups. There is an increasing awareness today that gluten and dairy may cause health-related problems. One side effect of going gluten free is the potential for developing an allergy or sensitivity to soy, which rules out many of the pre-made gluten free foods available.

This book will appeal to the general public, but will be generously welcomed by those with dietary restrictions and those wanting to begin living this lifestyle.

The founder, Elaine Monarch of the Celiac Disease Foundation of the USA has reviewed and has endorsed the book with a back cover review. The hard copy of this book will be available on their website ( with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the organization