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YaDa Chef's Film and TV Location Catering - The Healthy Way

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Keeping the talent and staff happy - the YaDa Chef way!

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With a well rounded resume film and television projects, YaDa Chef has built its solid reputation on one principle - providing the highest quality, prepared from scratch cuisine with excellent service in a timely fashion. Our award-winning chefs and staff are hand-selected as the best of the best in the business. They are then trained intensively in the unique skill sets required for top-quality movie and photography location catering. 

The importance of production time is always top-of-mind with YaDa Chef. Your entire cast and crew can help themselves, then relax and enjoy their meals while our staff serves beverages, clears tables and attends to their needs.

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YaDa Chef excels at the details (quality food, excellent service and hospitality and strict attention to cleanliness, to name a few), that make your on-location catered meal more like a fine dining experience.

A happy cast and crew makes for a happy production. We have built our reputation on keeping the cast and crew happy at mealtime. That's the bottom line and that's why YaDa Chef's location catering is the best in the business.

What-ever the event and where-ever the location, we can provide quality catering to suit your needs. We cater on outside and inside locations and pride ourselves on the repeat customers we gain.  Matching the healthy and good for you foods with your budget is priority one.

Whether you are producing a film or a TV shoot, planning a music festival or organising a commercial or a corporate event, YaDa Chef will supply all of your location catering needs.