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Now is YOUR time to YaDa the YaDa Chef WayDo YOU YaDa?

verb \-ˈyä-də\

1. :enjoying a healthy lifestyle and vigor of body, mind, or spirit : well

Chef Bryan Daniel & Chef Joseph Yacino

Like many today, YaDa Chef is conscious of the benefits of healthy eating on a day-to-day basis, aiming for an overall balanced diet. In fact we may even be more conscious of this because it is our job to work with foods and rework recipes all day long.  Our focus is to help the world become a healthier place one person at a time with tasty food which is good for you.

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YaDa Chef is a freelance chef, yacht chef, and personal chef company using ONLY natural organic fresh made foods reworking classic (and new) recipes making them healthy, good and good for youThe YaDa Chef Way.  All products we present are made fresh for each client. 

Whether you need traditional chef services, an elegant dinner, an hors d’oeuvres buffet, wedding reception, an outdoor company picnic, a casual lunch for your corporate meeting, fashion shows, party design, charity events, DJ & concert events, photo shoots, productions, bar & bat mitzvahs, commercials, film, meals delivery, corporate catering, or cooking classes, YaDa Chef is here for you.  

We are based in Fort Lauderdale serving the States, France, England, Caribbean, and beyond - we go where our clients need us - providing quality chef services since 2000! 

YaDa Chef is a dedicated team of professional chefs serving parties and events of all themes and sizes where ever our customers need us.